About Evangadi
Evangadi is a Habesha Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos, meet with family and friends, chat, make video and audio call

The purpose of this Website/app is to promote interaction within the Habesha community worldwide. All Habesha who live anywhere in the world are welcome to join! If you are not Habesha but have a special affinity towards anything Asian, people, culture, language, food, etc., you are also welcome to join!  
Feel free to use this Website/app to advertise, promote or organize events. You are also encouraged to use this website/apps as a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions about anything newsworthy that happens in and around the world. With age, opportunities to make friends and new connections become more sparse, many people settle for the networking capabilities at their profession, nationalism, place of origin, language or in their status quo friend group. If outdoor activities are where you want to make new friends and you don’t work in the outdoor industry, it can be even harder to meet people with like-minded interests. You don’t often see someone sitting at a trail-head asking to join a hiking Website/app. Meeting new people that share a love of the outdoors is undoubtedly easier with apps and online Website/apps that organize in advance. Thankfully, we now have this platform specifically for habesha or people looking for habesha to meet up and enjoy all of the life's hobbies.